June 2, 2007

The Big B:no gentleman farmer?

The court questioned, "pray tell us how
A man like you claimed he could plough?
You may be a charmer
But for sure are no farmer
So, our ruling is, 'leave the land now'!"

"As a coolie, the station you manned,
But in no film have you tilled the land.
In Veer Zaara, true,
A few crops you grew,
But that's not called farming, understand?"

The Hindu 02/06/07: A Faizabad court on Saturday dismissed a review petition filed by actor Amitabh Bachchan in the agricultural land allotment case in Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh. It ruled that Mr. Bachchan was not a farmer. Get the story here


  1. Brilliant blog! I wonder why I didn't find it earlier.

    Anyway, these limericks are great... I'm going to link from my blog to yours. :) (And comment frequently, I think ;) ).

  2. Thanks Anonick and welcome to my blog :-)


  3. I am quite impressed... not only by the consistence of the poetic quality (thats been for some tine now!) but also by the fact that you remember the films in which AB was a farmer!