May 28, 2007

Court summons Narayan Murthy

How dare you think we would be bringing
Embarrassment with our poor singing?
You've invited trouble,
Come to Court on the double.
We'll box your ears and leave them ringing! 26/05/07: A local court on Saturday ordered registering of a criminal case against Infosys Chairman and Chief Mentor N R Narayana Murthy. The court has also issued summons to him to appear before it on June 21 in connection with a private complaint filed against him regarding his remarks on the national anthem.

After a function held in Mysore Infosys campus on April 8 which President A P J Abdul Kalam attended, Murthy had said singing the national anthem would have ''embarrassed'' company employees of foreign origin and therefore the instrumental version was played there.



  1. I come here often; this blog always makes me smile! I remember a time long ago when I was so into Limericks; had two volumes of them. Strangely enough, all of them were what we would then call 'non-veg' (R-rated).

  2. Thanks Vikram and Shantanu.

    Shantanu, there is nothing strange about non-veg limericks. Rather they are often considered the norm :-)