April 2, 2007

When backward is the way ahead

Nowhere on earth do we see
Such clamour for being OBC.
But among India's vast
Spumy cauldron of caste
Being 'backward' is a source of envy!

India remains a quagmire of castes and sub-castes. It is a land where we talk of using 'positive discrimination' as a social tool to empower various sectors of our populace. Here we all want specialized treatment and being in the 'general' category is today almost synonymous to being a nobody.

We would like quotas for everything - we have VIP quota in trains, sports quota in jobs, women's quota, minorities quota, backward classes quota, scheduled classes quota, ministers' quota....if you think up any other (new) category, just add it to the list - you can be sure someone else somewhere is demanding it too. Aren't you surprised that we still have a 'general' category left where merit is a criteria for selection?

The Supreme Court of India has recently observed:
"Nowhere in the world do castes queue up to be branded as backward. Nowhere in the world is there a competition to become backward."

But of course we Indians are unique, with an unique perspective. Thanks to our leaders playing politics with caste, here you have to be backward to go forward with ease .

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  1. Anonymous4:59 PM

    In our great nation blessed with such diversity
    Blue blood is indeed an adversity
    If only I was a hummingbird
    With powers to fly backward
    And get admitted...(with pathetic grade)...In a blue-chip university

  2. Anonymous3:04 PM

    The concept of classes backward
    Only helps politicians wayward.
    Let there be reservation
    At the level of primary education.
    SC/ST/OBC will then become absurd.