April 16, 2007

How to give your girlfriend a gift and pay for it...

A chieftain was suffering from the notion
That his dear girlfriend deserved a promotion.
So, singing her praise ,
He went, got her a raise,
But his act caused a hellish commotion!

OR ...

"The dear girl is deserving of praise,"
Thought the chief, so he got her a raise.
But soon he turned pale,
When the press broke the tale,
Now the poor chap is counting his days!

Reuters 16/04/07: World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz on Sunday dug in his heels over the promotion he approved for his girlfriend and said he intends to stay in his job, even as bank member governments voiced "great concern" the institution might not be able to function properly. Read on

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  1. I like the idea and concept behind this blog of yours..Keepup teh great work Ms.Ray..will be catchin up on the posts often now:)