March 24, 2007


Their losses had left critics hoarse,
Coach bashing was expected of course;
But this gruesome killing,
Is indeed spine-chilling,
It has cut short a life in midcourse.

For suddenly Bob Woolmer was gone.
To foul play he succumbed as a pawn.
The murder has rocked
Cricket - left it shocked,
But they say that the show must go on!

After to rest he was laid,
Came pouring in heaps, accolade.
The same sticks and stones
That tried breaking bones,
Are hailing him - what a masquerade!

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  1. Nice one.
    Let me try something along the lines:

    What happened to Sachin?
    Again he was found wantin!

    I know it sucks but couldn't resist.

  2. Anonymous7:15 PM


    That was a nice limerick, i wonder where did you pick your nuances for limericks. Keep writing more and like to see more of your poetry.You have the gift of gab and don't let it go waste.

  3. Anonymous3:47 AM

    The mystery deepens like a thriller
    About who was Bob Woolmer's killer.
    With witnesses not seeming to care,
    The case appears to be going nowhere.
    Looks like this too's headed to the chiller.