January 11, 2007

When in Japan, know your chopsticks!

In Japan, that far Eastern land,
Was a girl, who as I understand,
Grew up to be a fool
As she couldn't go to school -
Her poor chopstick skills got her banned!

CNN.com 10/01/07: Math whizzes and other prodigies need not apply unless they can demonstrate dexterity with a pair of chopsticks under new entrance requirements announced by a Japanese girls' school on Wednesday. Read about it here


  1. It's a pity that the Japanese are losing touch with chopsticks when the whole world is taking interest in them. Wait a minute...this sounds like the story of Indians losing touch with yoga, while it is a hit elsewhere.

  2. ah but thanks to people like Ramdev, yoga is again becoming the 'in thing' isn't it?