December 11, 2006

Painting the town red

We folks aren't ashamed, the least bit,
To see walls streaked with dirty red spit.
"We lack civic pride,"
The Minister cried-
"If it's seen as an art, how do you curb it?"

Yahoo News 08/12/06: India hopes to shame its citizens out of spitting and littering at tourist sites with an advertising campaign showing schoolchildren looking dismayed and disapproving of the dirty habit. The campaign will cost 50 million rupees ($1.12 million) and its objective is to instill civic pride which is widely lacking in the country. Read about it here

We lack civic pride. How true! In my home town Kolkata, especially in the older buildings, the red stains on the walls are enough to make one gag. However, some buildings have now come up with an innovative solution to thwart this dirty habit, as can be seen in the picture below:

Yes, we finally turned to our Gods for help...and looks like the Gods have answered our prayers, for the walls look clean!

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  1. Indians are like the Graffiti artists of the West,only that we do it with our mouths!