December 9, 2006

Minister, while you were sleeping...

A cabinet minister saw a ghost
As he read his morning paper (served with toast)
He saw that they had
Published an ad
Seeking candidates to fill his vacant post!

International Herald Tribune 08/12/06: Fijian coup leader advertises Cabinet posts in newspapers.Want ads to fill vacant Cabinet jobs in the post-coup Fiji government ran in local newspapers Saturday in the South Pacific nation's renegade military chief and self-appointed president's latest step toward replacing the democratically elected administration he ousted. "Applicants must be of outstanding character and without any criminal records," the ad notes. "Each must not have been declared bankrupt," it warns, adding that applications must be submitted to military headquarters by Tuesday. Read about it here

Hmm, makes me wonder...what if we ran a similar ad for for our assembly? Wonder how many of our current political leaders would be eliminated in the first round of application submission itself?

While on Fiji, I was also thinking...

They are beautiful islands, that’s true
Surrounded by the waters so blue
But this is not the claim
That is bringing them fame
A pity, now they are known for their coup!

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