November 15, 2006

Pass the cream, please!

Expressing its deep reservation,
When the Supreme Court of the Nation
Barred the 'creamy layer'
From being a quota player
The government sulked in frustration.

For even a child knows for sure,
That though quota is meant for the poor,
The cream has the power
To turn vote banks sour
And the UPA, this threat can’t endure!

TOI 15/11/06: Faced with the Supreme Court’s ruling that the "creamy layer" principle be extended to Scheduled Castes and Tribes, the UPA government has decided that implementing the apex court’s decision was politically unacceptable and measures to undo the ruling had to be devised. Read about it here


  1. One word - Brilliant.

  2. Thanks Amit and welcome to my blog :)

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    I read almost all your entries.. it's just that I commented for the first time.