October 26, 2006

Of veil and vegetarianism

Women should clothe head to feet
And not be seen walking on the street
If her head isn’t draped
It’s her fault if she’s raped -
For who blames a cat for chewing meat?

On the one hand they say she can choose
On the other, come these accusatory views
One thing is clear
Her freedom they fear
That is why comes this unveiled abuse.

Al Jazeera 26/10/06: Australia's most senior Muslim cleric has suggested that women who do not wear headscarves are to blame for sexual assaults, comparing them to uncovered pieces of meat. Read about it here.

You want to know what I think? I think there is much to be said in favour of vegetarianism!

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Why is an uncovered face/head
    Making the clerics see so much red?
    Is it why noone does care
    For a woman without hair
    And she's considered unfit to wed?