October 3, 2006

Arms & the man

One day when he got out of bed
An old ugly grudge raised its head.
Let vengeance be mine
He thought: (like Columbine?)
Then he went out and shot schoolgirls dead.

Now here is a word of advice
To those who say keeping guns is nice.
As you continue to lobby
And hoard guns as a hobby -
It is your nation's future, paying the price!

Yahoo News 03/10/06: A man with a childhood grudge shot and killed 3 children and then turned the gun on himself in a one-room Amish school in Pennsylvania. Read about it here
And yes Mr. Heston, they had to pry the gun loose from his cold, dead hands. I think it is time for all to acknowledge that not everyone can handle a gun responsibly.

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  1. Anonymous10:36 AM

    While Psychology advances
    And its knowledge enhances,
    Peeves are on the increase
    Tolerance is on the decrease,
    And often we see death-dances.