October 13, 2006

And the Nobel Peace Prize 2006 goes to...

The Prize
The Nobel Committee has said it,
(And you may have already read it)
The Peace prize was given,
To a passionately driven
Dr.Yunus & Grameen Bank, for microcredit

The Principle
If poverty we are to cure,
Loans to the poor let’s assure.
A little helping hand,
Allows one to stand,
Giving birth to an entrepreneur!

Reuters 13/10/06: Bangladeshi economist Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank he founded won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for grassroots efforts to lift millions out of poverty that earned him the nickname of "banker to the poor". Read about it here


  1. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Thanks, Aparna Ray. It's that Dr. Yunus and Grameen Bank. We are proud of it. You have expressed the principle nicely.


  2. Thank you Suhreed and welcome to my blog

  3. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Thanks -- after reading more than a hundred blog posts about this great news, this is the first I've seen in limerick form! The recognition of Muhammad Yunus' work is a huge boost to microfinance. As Grameen Foundation works to support Grameen Bank style microfinance programs worldwide, we're encouraged by the outpouring of support we are seeing from all corners of the globe.