September 14, 2006

Word defined: bystander

This is what I wrote at OEDILF. It is still in the workshopping stage. It will be great if you can help me better the rhyme or add to the definition :)

A bystander simply will linger
And watch while you go through the wringer
He may try to act nice,
Dispensing advice
But to help you, will not lift a finger!


  1. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Hi Aparna, you know my limericks are
    always reactions to the ones you
    write. So, I'm sorry I'm not being
    proactive. So, here goes mine on your topic:

    A bystander is a guy
    Who watches you pass by.
    He follows you with his stare
    As if he just doesnot care
    But observes with a critical eye.

  2. Good one Padmaja! I'm glad we are able to have a conversation through limericks :)