September 16, 2006

When the man goes shopping

The news made the women’s eyes pop
Are you telling us that men love to shop?
Oh my God! What a shame
To be beaten at our game
Surely shopping is our privilege - make them stop!

How many times have we heard that women love shopping and the poor guys have to tag along shelling out the cash and carrying the shopping bags, hating every minute of it? Well think again! New survey results released at the 'Man Conference' in New York indicate that 58% of the men polled spent more money than they make each month on buying things and that more men viewed shopping as a pleasurable leisure-time activity and that included...buying clothes at departmental stores.


  1. I know, there should be a law against men spending spending their own money!!!

  2. Ideally the law should also have a provision of female supervision over the money spent in shopping :-))

  3. Anonymous11:55 PM

    Err.. what am i hearing.Absolutely no comments