August 10, 2006

Taking the fizz out of colas

Said Pepsi to Coke with a sigh:
"Our pesticide levels are high.
So people are planning,
Widespread cola banning,
Lie low till their passions run dry!"

Reuters 09/08/06: More states ban colas over pesticide row. Read about it here

An earlier post on the issue can be read here


  1. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Sheer brand value and their MNC nature
    Have given Pepsi/Coke a cult stature.
    Full marks to Sunita Narain
    For her relentless campaign.
    But will pesticides dissuade our Cola culture?

  2. Dont feel bad for companies, Pepsi and Coke,
    They know that this but an annual joke,
    this report people will just ignore,
    'coz like the AD says, "Yeh dil maange more"
    I just hope detox bills wont make be go broke.

  3. NICE...and the comments are nice too....sad I am not too much of a no rhyming comments from me..but man you are one talented lady...hats off to you