August 5, 2006

A spy thriller sans spy

“I have written a book you should buy.
In one chapter, I have mentioned a spy.
And though it’s a shame
That I don’t know his name
Please put trust in my tale – I don’t lie!”

Business Standard 05/08/06: Despite the initial euphoria, the sales of Jaswant Singh's memoirs ‘A Call to Honour’ have slid to 40 per cent of the initial levels even as the publisher Rupa claims that the book was a runaway success with a fourth print run. Read about it here


  1. Anonymous6:33 PM

    This kissa of "pol khol"
    Of you-know-what a mole
    In the office of Prime Minister,
    Sounding so scary and sinister
    Just bacame a story with a hole!

    A controversy and some sensation
    Before any movie or publication
    With lots of ifs, buts and may -
    Have become the norm of the day
    But Jaswant misjudged the ramification.

  2. those dog years before his death,
    a little sly,with a little mirth,
    said hollywood's lugosi bela
    the guy who played dra-cula,
    after the press caught him with morphine
    "there is no good press or bad press darlin"