August 23, 2006

Smoked out!

When Jerry found Texan Tom choking
He first thought the latter was joking
But the truth soon he knew
When Tom coughed, turned blue
So he then advised Tom to quit smoking!

Guardian Unlimited 21/08/06: Smoking scenes are to be edited out of classic Tom and Jerry cartoons, following a complaint to the broadcast regulator that they are inappropriate for a show aimed at children. Read about it here

Do you feel we should revisit old cartoons, serials and films and other media forms and edit out scenes, words etc., that are no longer 'correct' today? How far should censorship go? Here are some thoughts expressed in The Guardian, but do share your views as well.


  1. Anonymous8:00 PM

    nah...i don't think the words should be edited out to any extent...maybe we could have some rating system for cartoons as well. a lot can be expressed thru vivid images.

  2. This is crazy ...what abt 007 movies...will they take out all the explosions and know that too is a bad influence

  3. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Sometime in our youth or childhood,
    We all learn about bad and good.
    Why should smoking scenes go
    When companies freely sell tobacco
    In as many forms as they could?

    ("Influence", I believe is a very relative term. What's looked askance
    by one generation becomes quite acceptable to the next and so on..As
    for smoking, merely banning it for
    viewership alone, is in no way going to prevent it.Cartoons like Tom & Jerry probably have far more violence
    which can influence children ....

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