July 26, 2006

Video blogger kidnapped in Baghdad

In Baghdad, videography can earn
You a kidnapping, (that’s what we learn)
A blogger abducted
(By Guards unobstructed)
Let’s all speak out for his safe return!

On 23rd July, 2006, one of the videoblogger at Alive in Baghdad was kidnapped while doing a video shoot at a gas station in Baghdad. This is what Brian Conley, coordinator ofthe video blog, tells us regarding the incident.

On Sunday morning, between 11am and 12pm, one of our newest correspondents disappeared from the al-Amal Neighborhood. He was there with his brother,gathering B-roll of the security in place around Baghdad's gas stations, as well as the long refueling lines that continue to insult the residents of one of the
world's most oil-rich countries.

At the request of his family, we can only reveal certain information at this time. We hope their perspective will change soon, because we believe that, in this case, publicity is one of our most important tools to ensure our colleague's safe return

Read more about the kidnapping here. Let us do all we can to ensure his quick release and safe return

#Update: After a 72hour ordeal, the blogger has been released, Brian tells us.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous7:42 PM

    This is what happens in a rogue state,
    Which cannot freedom in any form tolerate.
    This is the height of intolerance,
    of perversion and of violence.
    Let's pray for the safe return of the blogmate.