July 31, 2006

State vs. Dalmiya: Dalmiya 1, State 0?

When the State lobbied for his defeat
His opponents had thought he’d be beat
But he ignored rejection
Went to win the election
But is now finding victory ain't sweet!

The Statesman 31/07/06: Incumbent Cricket Association of Bengal president and veteran sports administrator Mr Jagmohan Dalmiya, retained power thwarting off heavy-weight opponent, Mr Prasun Mukherjee, Kolkata police commissioner, by a narrow 61-56 victory margin in the CAB annual general meeting yesterday. Read about it here

Wonder what will happen to Ganguly dada now?

#Update: The combat did not end last night at the Eden Gardens. In fact, two parallel battle lines were drawn today. While the chief minister made it clear that he still did not like Mr Jagmohan Dalmiya, his win or not, the CPI-M let all know that politics and sports can’t and should not mix. Mr Dalmiya, having won the Cricket Association of Bengal election the day before, declared today that scores would now be settled. Read about it here

So thrilling, na?

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  1. Anonymous3:33 PM

    What I am dying to see is will the rift in CPI(M) goverment increse following the entire cat-fight around CAB issue?

    Ganguly-Dalmiya aside, it was amusing to see how Jyoti Basu and Buddhadeb were involved in a war of words over the issue.

    I wrote about this on Merinews. Here is the link. Hope to see your comments on it :)