July 15, 2006

A question of honor

The thought of it has left me chilled -
Both parents watched as their son killed
His sister, ‘she brought shame
To our family’s good name’

So they snuffed out a life, unfulfilled.

I wonder, in this day and age
How such ideas continue to rage
Such ‘killing for honor’
Should be declared a goner
And those who practice it, locked up in a cage!

Independent Online Edition 15/07/06: Samaira Nazir was stabbed to death as her family watched...for honor. Yesterday, her brother Nazir, along with a 17-year-old cousin, Imran Mohammed, real name Kashif Rana, were jailed for life for the "barbaric" murder of the 25-year-old businesswoman. Read about it here

Will women ever stop bearing the brunt of having to be the repository of 'family honor'? I wonder...

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