July 28, 2006

Gruesome passion

I had wanted her to be my wife
But did not like how she lived life
It so hurt my pride
That I offered here a ride
Then stabbed her to death with my knife!

ExpressIndia 27/07/06: Bangalore -Colleague confesses to killing Tanya. A city-based call centre employee was on Thursday arrested in connection with the sensational murder of his 25-year-old woman colleague after he confessed to it, a senior police official said. Read about it here

I wonder why the case is being touted as a "BPO murder". It was a crime of passion. Had nothing to do with the call center where she worked, other than the fact that the two people involved were colleagues. There was no involvement of her employers and neither was it due to any security lapse or negligence on the part of her organisation. Can anyone explain?


  1. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Murders committed in this fashion
    Are simplistically called crimes of passion.
    But there lies the story of a spurned lover,
    Who could'nt take "no" for an answer
    And lost his head in sheer frustration.

    When one sets love free,
    One tends to feel less angry.
    And when the love does not return,
    There's acceptance and no heartburn
    And no acts of senseless rage and fury.

    May be, the true love is waiting somewhere,
    With a heart full of love and tender care.
    So, one must never ever lose hope
    'Cos we've immense powers to cope
    And look out for that love elsewhere.

    (This is to all my young friends.
    Sorry, if this granny sounds a little preachy!!!)

    One should be free from ivory tower
    To be free from the sense of power.

  2. lovely - and so true...

  3. good words but utopian - frankly we are old enough to realize that reality is different and where the utopian slip does take place is an exception.