June 15, 2006

Spiderman unmasked!

"So why did you do it?" I ask.
And he replies, "It's time to bask
Completely in the glory,
Of the Spiderman story;
For that reason, I took off my mask!"

Yahoo news 14/06/06: In the latest edition of the Marvel comic "Civil War" on sale, Spiderman does the unthinkable. He removes his Spidey mask to publicly reveal his hidden identity. Get the story here


  1. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Where is Superman? I loveeee Superman :)

  2. hmm he will be here end of the month I think...isn't that when the new film gets released?

  3. Anonymous9:54 AM

    I just can't wait. Don't you think he looks to darn cute !!! :)