June 23, 2006

A bolt from the blue

Doctors warn that we are heightening
Our chances of being struck by lightning
If, when the storm’s near
We hold a cell phone to our ear
The impact, they say, may be frightening!

BBC News/Health/22-06-06: UK doctors have warned of the danger of lightning strikes when using mobile phones outdoors during stormy weather. In the British Medical Journal, they highlight the case of a teenager with very severe injuries after being struck by lightning when talking on her phone. The metal in the phone directs the current into the body, they say. Read more about it here


  1. this girl i must applaud
    she might have been a lightning rod
    but far from being tragic
    it's dictated by logic
    that she was on a direct line with God

  2. Lol...too cool! Welcome back, gawker :)