June 3, 2006


Will someone please care to explain,
Just why a guy, whose dad was slain
One month ago,
Would want to do snow,
And spend his night guzzling champagne?

I guess the answer to this riddle will be known only after Rahul Mahajan returns from the hospital --- or maybe, not even then. Get the story here


  1. Anonymous2:00 PM

    To forget that his dad was slain
    Rahul needed to snort cocaine.
    To further add to his grief and sorrow
    He was to immerse his dad's ashes
    next morrow
    And so, he also drowned himself in champagne!

    (This is how the rich and the famous celebrate their sorrow -
    let's raise a toast to these
    "ameer baap ki bigdi aulad". According to eye witnesses, Rahul Mahajan used a five hundred rupee note to snort the cocaine. This too shall pass and with a short public memory, he may go on to hold important political positions!!)

  2. does anybody have it in them to empathise with the guy ?

  3. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Leaving hi-fi morality aside, have they arrested the supplier yet, the guy who was selling cocaine laced with urea to multiply his profits?

  4. So difficult to understand and explain human behavioral quirks. Nope? :)

  5. Anonymous1:26 PM

    The last 24 hours all of us have undoubtedly been glued to our TV sets…witnessing the unfolding of a saga that contains all the vital essentials that make good TRP’s: politics, power, drug abuse, the life of the high n mighty’s , glamour, money…..
    Inundated by images thrown at us ceaselessly…we are swept away by the story of a rich brat whose experiment with drugs went terribly wrong.

    Poor R M.in the news again barely a month after being there…courtesy the shocking family drama that captured India’s eyeballs for nothing less than 12 whole days (and provided the 24 hour news channels enough file pictures of the son this time round).However that incident is not our concern today…only its implications on today’s developments is.

    R M son of an important but recently deceased politician led a life that had all the trappings that money and power bring to you after providing you with the luxuries of life. A short stint as a pilot, a TV production house….nothing captured R’s interest for long. Reportedly dependent on anti depressants, his father’s death obviously pushed him over the edge and led to an increase in dosage.
    Experimentation with drugs and substance abuse is wrong yet not unheard of. Then why this over active “obsession” with this prodigy’s actions?

    R forgot one thing….He was P M’s son. Barely 24 hours after being pushed as the heir apparent he was discarded faster than you could change the channel on TV.A mistake made by thousands every second became THE MISTAKE where R was concerned. Now a would-be Minister caught in the act is better off as a never-will-be Minister.
    After all everybody wants a clean slate …not one laced by white chalky powdery marks!
    R obviously is going to learn the hard way the ways of this world.
    Hope we the viewers are spared some ridiculous debates (if you can call them that) on television. Surely the poor doctor sweating it out in the studio has better things to do ….