May 10, 2006

To run or not to run

After his marathon run,
His troubles have truly begun.
The storm rages wild,
‘Round a 4year old child,
Can’t we let him be a child and have fun?

Hindustan Times: Four-year old Budhia Singh's gruelling 65km run on 5th May snowballed into a full-scale controversy with National Human Rights Commission seeking a report from Orissa government on the incident. In the storm brewing around this child, it is interesting to note how differing perspectives are being thrown up regarding the same incident. Read more about it here, here and here


  1. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Budhia is a sitting duck
    For a coach wanting a fast buck.
    Does Budhia have a choice?
    Does he really have a voice?
    Talent's fallen prey to tough luck.

    (I believe, Budhia is a typical case of Stockholm Syndrome)

  2. My this prime time news?

    After Dhoni's hairstyle this is another prime time news!

  3. Padmaja, a man that punishes a 4yr old child by asking him to run till he returns,goes off home, returns after 5hours and then discovers 'talent' - should be punished anyway methinks. Don't you?

    Sushil, welcome to my blog. I don't know about Dhoni's hairstyle being prime time news but then celebrity hairstyles have always been news in our country...think of the Sadhana hairsyle, the Bacchan cut et al from the days of yore! And a 4yr old entering record books for a marathon is definitely news...hell he was also to appear in Discovery Channel as a boy wonder!

  4. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Hi Aparna,
    I feel very strongly about child-exploitation issues. In our country
    children are bought and sold dime a dozen.That's why I've said talent has fallen prey to tough luck and that he is a case of Stockholm Syndrome. A four-year old is being made to dream an impossible dream by a greedy coach.A person of P.T. Usha's stature has made some very valid comments on this issue.I hope and pray, those who can effectively intervene, do intervene and save Budhia.Let the child become an Orissa Express in due course.Right now, he is entitled to his normal childhood but will his poverty provide him that?

  5. Aparna,

    News in Limericks is a great concept! Thoroughly enjoyable and times insightful.

    Am linking from my blog.