May 16, 2006

Supermom stays fit

If you want to stay healthy and fit,
Juggle career and family - don’t quit.
“An easy thing to say,”
Cried a woman in dismay,
“But its one hell of a task, I’ll admit!”

IBNLive 15/05/06: Women who juggle a career with family life are healthier and slimmer than stay-at-home housewives, a new UK study shows. Read about it here


  1. Plz write in detail about a particular topic, rather tha writing few lines on different topics..

  2. Hi Anirudh, while I appreciate your concern, I think either you missed the point or you are at the wrong site. This is a site meant for one particular topic - limericks that is.

    I am sure there are many other sites where you can find detailed write-up on whatever it is you are looking for.

    Happy searching!

  3. Why you need a study to make such an obvious conclusion?

    Clearly people who juggle between work and home are the ones who are moving their butts more often than those sitting (?) at home. Logically they should be fitter.

    Or may be am missing something here. Anyways as usual a good rick.

  4. Well Qbit, I guess its to make working moms feel better on Mother's Day!

  5. Hello, Ms Aparna Ray,
    I would like to say,
    Your limericks are pretty good,
    Appreciate I do, and I should,
    For, your style is here to stay.