May 13, 2006

The politics of reservation

The examiner was shocked,"Mr.Mota,
To cure heartburns you'll chop off the scrota?”
The med student tugged
At his tie and then shrugged,
"It don't matter, I have joined though the quota!”

In recent days the caste cauldron is on the verge of boiling over once again, this time rousing the ire of the medical fraternity in the country. Read about it here

The quota system was launched in the '40s with the objective of uplifting the backward classes in India. However, down the years, it seems to have lost its goal and is now more a ploy to appease a part of the vote bank. Selection on basis of caste rather than merit threatens to lower the overall standards, helping no one in the long run.

Why not focus on primary education instead and create more opportunities for competitiveness without bias? Can we work towards ensuring that everyone gets an equal opportunity to develop the merit required for getting into professional institutions? Why not launch scholarships for those with merit but who lack the financial means to continue their education? After all, give a man a fish today and he will be hungry again tomorrow, but teach him to fish and he can take care of himself forever!

What do you feel?


  1. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Your standards must be slipping...purely since there are no comments on this one :)

    Keep it up.

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  2. It's not always possible to comment on such news and views I guess!

  3. Must admit-- i am not here everyday ..but i do check her out regularly :-)) .. and aparna's always fun.

  4. Anonymous1:16 AM

    Maybe they could have a quota on the tution fees and other monetary expenses that many cannot afford and is sadly the reason they dont get a good education. But having a quota on the number of seats is jus gonna cause intellectual drain!

  5. Anonymous1:17 AM

    Oh and loved the starting limerick! :)

  6. Anonymous2:41 PM

    The idea of reservations is asinine
    Since caste begins to determine,
    Whether one is fit to learn
    Whether one is fit to earn
    And eventually tow the castist line.

  7. Please go through this write up for an alternative approach on reservations.