May 18, 2006

The enigma

Did his enemies finally nail him?
In Siberian cold did they jail him?
Three commissions in vain
Probed the ashes, the plane
But none, in the end, could trail him!

TOI 18/05/06: Seven years after it was tasked with unmasking one of independent India's most abiding mysteries - the disappearance of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose - the Mukherjee commission has concluded that the leader did not die in the plane crash over Taiwan in 1945. The government, meanwhile, has rejected its findings without giving any reason, thus adding another chapter to the controversy. Read about it here


  1. Anonymous4:09 PM

    What happened to Netaji Bose?
    Noone really knows.
    Instead of trying to solve this mystery,
    Let's give him rightful place in history
    And a requiem with a gun and a rose.

  2. i agree, it would be nice to know wat actually happened but now, after so many years, i think we must simply acknowledge Netaji's place in history n leave d rest to conspiracy mongrers

  3. Agree with both of you.

    Btw, Padmaja, your post has been quoted in the Mumbai Mirror. Have you seen it? here is the link


  4. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Thanks Aparna. I visited Mumbai Mirror site and saw the post.
    However, I thought, your limerick was better than mine and deserved
    a post too.You are certainly the Guru/Boss when it comes to both limericks and particularly news in limerick form.I am an ardent fan of yours.Keep up the good work.
    Tussi great ho!