May 2, 2006

A death and some unanswered questions

Had he really been leading a double life?
It seems so, if we believe his ‘second wife’
A country held its breath
As claims made, post-death,
Brought a family nasty surprise and strife.

And in all this drama, has been lost
The important question, at what cost
Expats continue to toil
In a land that is in turmoil
Where, any moment, they may be star-crossed!

The Telegraph, Calcutta 01/05/06: The trauma of slain telecom engineer K. Suryanarayana’s family deepened today when his widow Manjula tried to commit suicide following the appearance of a “second wife” in the morning. Suryanarayana was captured and killed by the Taliban militia in Afghanistan on 30th April. Read about it here

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