May 30, 2006

Bollywood wakes up...finally

When Aamir refused to succumb
To threats, the industry stayed mum.
But business was hit,
Forcing them to admit,
Their silence was actually dumb!

DNA 29/05/06: Bollywood finally comes out in support of Fanaa. Read about it here.

Compare this to an earlier report on MSN India (24/05/06), which had said - No support for Aamir from Bollywood


  1. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Without thinking of ifs and buts
    Aamir stood up with much guts
    For a cause which may seal his fate
    And which he has'nt regretted till date.
    But his colleagues thought he was nuts.

    Now Bollywood's support newfound
    Is guided by financial sense sound
    'Cos Aamir is a brand and a star
    Who besides movies sells a cola and a car
    And hence it pays to rally round.

    Let us hope for the best
    That Aamir passes this test.
    For this case will decide
    And the future course guide
    Of celebrities reacting like the rest.

  2. Anonymous1:54 PM

    I feel the reason for lack of support initially was cause of Aamir's absence during previous scandals/episodes that rocked Bollywood.

    He never showed his support for the industry, today too its only cause its Yash Chopra movie that Bollywood top-notch are showing any interest..otherwise i doubt they would offered any support at all.

  3. Padmaja, honestly I cannot say what prompted Aamir to comment on the Narmada rehab program, whether it was the cause, social consciousness et al. But the reaction of the industry is interesting indeed. Quiet one day and verbose the next.

    Sakshi, you may have a point there but the film industry have hardly ever sided with those who try to break the boundaries. It must be their fondness for Yash Chopra or even a fear that it could be their film tomorrow that is banned by self-appointed guardians of morality and public opinion.