April 16, 2006


The IAF spokesman said with a frown:
“This is sure to become talk of the town
For this serious infraction
We pledge 'corrective action'
The flag shouldn't have been hung upside down!"

Yahoo News 14/04/06: New Delhi (AFP) - The Indian Air Force (IAF) has apologized for flying the national flag upside down at a meeting of top brass. "Corrective action" was pledged after the flag was displayed upside down on the podium where air chief marshall Satish Tyagi spoke. Get the story here


  1. Anonymous12:38 AM

    Corrective action set my imagination wild, here is a limerick
    Would they now hang it downside up
    oh I really mean right side up
    as a corrective phase
    to save their face
    or how about hanging the perpetrator legside up

  2. lol Leena :-) Welcome to my blog!

  3. :-) Look at the number of people you're inspiring, Aparna! (includes yours truly me).

  4. Anonymous8:27 PM

    What a shame, what a letdown
    Our tricolour is hung upside down!
    A force enjoying every privilege
    has committed absolute sacrilege
    In 'chullubhar paani' they should drown.

  5. @Priya - thanks for the compliment :-)

    @Padmaja - lol, this is funny!