April 24, 2006

A life for an MP3 player

Even music can now lead to crime;
It's no longer just a 'pleasant pastime'.
They killed for a song -
(How did hearts go so wrong?)
And a life has been snuffed in its prime.

NYT 23/04/06: Brussels, Belgium (AP) -- Some 80,000 demonstrators walked silently through the Belgian capital Sunday to protest the killing of a teenager who refused to give his digital music player (MP3) to two young robbers. Get the story here

Hat tip: David - who has also posted a gripping limerick on the issue. You can read it here

1 comment:

  1. merci beaucoup, Aparna!

    The more tragic news, the more verses!
    small blessings emerge from big curses?
    while Rome's busy burning
    are we fiddlers slow-learning
    to write limericks whose breeze smoke disperses?