April 5, 2006

Asinine humor

An ideal companion is she,
'Totally loyal', the textbooks decree.
She brings you no strife,
Is much better than a wife.
Can you guess who she is? Your donkey!

TOI 04/04/06: An Indian textbook for 14year olds (sanctioned by the Rajasthan Education Board) teaches that the donkey is 'a shade better' than housewives! Get the story here


  1. There is just no limit to these things!!

    What a comparison, chauvinistic and oh so sick -
    Of all the things, you had to, a donkey, pick.
    No no, Mr.Vyas,
    Cut the bakwaas!
    A donkey might be loyal, but it will still kick!

  2. this is disturbing. such things affect classes in huge numbers,year after year.

    hell, why don't they have some standards before books are declared fair to use?

  3. Anonymous6:54 PM

    This donkey from Rajasthan
    thought life was a long dull yawn.
    Until he met this Miss
    and gave her a kiss.
    Now it seems their match is drawn!