April 3, 2006

And the Blooker goes to...

You need not worry anymore
If publishers show you the door.
You're no underdog -
Just start your own blog;
And a Blooker could be lying in store!

Guardian Unlimited 03/04/06: From blog to book - the 'Blooker' prize celebrates new hybrid literary form.


  1. awesome.. at least some motivation :))

  2. Anonymous12:22 AM

    Now there'll be bloggers' galore
    Vying for a place in the fore
    To get the Blooker Prize
    which indeed is a surprise
    and leaves bloggers asking for more

  3. you should publish all your limericks. It might be a great compilation of everythings that happened in a year

    some of which was fair
    others with none to care