March 22, 2006

Too busy to stay married!

Indifference is a good enough grouse
These days, to get divorce from spouse
Denying your time
Is uncaring, plus a crime
Too busy? You may be heading for the courthouse!

The Telegraph New Delhi, 21/03/06: If you’re too busy working your way up the corporate ladder to spend time with your spouse, beware. The Supreme Court has ruled that denial of company is a good enough reason for ending a marriage. Indifference, frigidity and abstinence from sex without reasonable cause also count as cruelty and would justify divorce, the court ruled today.


  1. i read aparna and sought the judge for divorce
    the learned fogy smirked, grimaced and yelled with force
    and then said 'O temporal - to get a divorce
    first you have to undergo the wedding farce’

  2. If you are married, please take a note
    A ruling came from the Supreme Court
    Take your Honey
    Who needs company
    For a joyride in the cupid boat.

  3. Anonymous2:00 AM

    A dictionary best suited for Aparna :D

  4. Yes BD, I am a part of that as well :-)