March 28, 2006

Of lives locked out

The recruiter said, “Rest your fears.
You’re hired – go have a couple of beers”
His heart did a throb
He had landed a job!
For a moment he couldn't believe his ears!

On his work he soon came to rely
As thirty years, they quietly passed by
He felt quite assured
Of a future secured
When on retiring, he'd bid work goodbye.

So imagine the extent of shock
He comes to work, is faced with a lock
Along with that shutter
Dies his ‘bread and butter’
And his life is now put on the dock!

Forty such workers in a store
One day realized, they were done for
When out of the blue
Without giving them their due
Akbarallys closed shop - locked the door!

40 workers struggling to fight
For justice that is theirs by right
Do feel their distress
Wish them every success
And make others aware of their plight!

Sakshi has written an excellent post detailing the plight of the workers, agitating since February this year, outside the closed doors of the Santacruz branch of Akbarallys. Read about it here

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