March 25, 2006

A hairy tale!

“You look like a sheep that’s unsheared!”
A style- guru had poked fun and sneered.
But he took a gamble
Today he’s a sex symbol
As fashion hails the return of the beard!

Experts feel, it's a fashion revolution, perhaps against the heightened grooming expectations that were unleashed with the rise of metrosexuality as a cultural trend. Men both straight and gay, it appears, want to feel rough and manly. So the beard is in; it's now described as a 'masculine aesthetic'! Read about it here

{Via Zigzackly}


  1. I do not want my husband to read this. He's just waiting for an excuse to quit shaving!! :-(

    On how you thought of this - "You look like a sheep that’s unsheared!" - WOW! :-)

  2. Lol...that's the line you may use on the hubby when he refuses to shave :P