March 10, 2006


The invention is state-of the art
Meant for couples when they are apart
But a glow on the glass
May not help much, alas,
Not the same as that glow in the heart!

London, England (Reuters 08/03/06) -- Researchers have come up with a novel way to keep long-distance lovers in touch -- high-tech wine glasses that glow warmly however far apart the pining couple are. When either person picks up a glass, red light-emitting diodes glow on their partner's glass. When one puts a glass to their lips, the other glass glows brightly. Distance is not a problem as liquid sensors and wireless links have been built in to the glasses.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous1:54 PM

    This is so frickin cool...

    Now I only need to find a lover overseas. :)