March 1, 2006

Bush speak II

“Once Osama Bin Laden is caught,
To justice, rest assured, he’ll be brought.
But chances are slim
Of us catching him!"
Announced Bush, in Kabul, distraught!

VOA News 01/03/06: President Bush says the United States is committed to rebuilding Afghanistan and is confident terrorist Osama bin Laden will be brought to justice.


  1. of things this president has wrought
    a plan to replace humans by a robot
    in a place thats crazy
    freedom and democracy!!
    brilliance! who would have thought?

  2. Anonymous11:06 PM

    As if we didnt have a clue !!

  3. Bharat, your limericks are good! Am really glad to see you writing these comments here. Please do continue :-)

    Lol Sakshi, so true...

  4. inspired by this blog, I got mine first compilation of limericks

    your comments appreciated. :)