March 7, 2006

Blog-A-Thon: A Blank Noise Project

From the Blank Noise Project was born
This concept of a powerful Blog-A-Thon
A commendable feat
Against harassment on the street
Making it known, Eve no longer is pawn!

Today, March 7th is the day of the Blog-A-Thon. Read more about it here.


  1. Anonymous10:59 PM

    Its just amazing to see efforts by individuals...such as the ones behind the Blog-a-thon project. Go People Power !

    BTW..when will the Jessica Lal post be up..would be great if you write something on it.

  2. Yes, Sakshi I know, its way overdue :-(

  3. hi there

    thanks for posting

    we would like to gather individuals from various cities to participate. how does kolkata respond?

    do let us know