February 11, 2006

A question of security

If it were not for the NSA phone tapping,
America, Bush revealed, would be napping
While terrorists wrought havoc,
With bombs in their Reebok!
(Then do the FBI and CIA need scrapping?)

Hindustan Times 10/02/06: President Bush disclosed new details on Thursday of a thwarted Al-Qaeda plot to use shoe bombs to hijack a plane and fly it into a Los Angeles building, as he sought to justify his tactics in fighting terrorism. With critics questioning the legality of his authorisation of a domestic spying programme, Bush used newly declassified details of a previously revealed plot to show that the threat of terrorism has not abated. Read about it here


  1. Good work here!
    Your limericks are enjoyable as alwaya

  2. Thanks prahalathan!

  3. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Bush can never justify the Iraq war whatever he may say.

  4. I think in this case he is trying to justify the domestic spying program :-)

  5. The point is..Does Bush care what we think? lolol