February 3, 2006

Of mice & men

I think it is indeed quite nice
The vaccine protected the mice
Now I wonder when
It will work to save men
So that for bird flu we stop paying the price!

LONDON Reuters) 02/02/06 - Scientists have produced a vaccine against deadly H5N1 strains of bird flu that has protected mice, using a genetic engineering technique that can be easily scaled up for stockpiling to prepare for a pandemic. Read about it here.


  1. ROTFL@limericks,
    news and humor you do mix,
    great idea, wonder why
    this one TV channels passed by.

    Coz bush or men, both make news,
    angels out there, and many deuce.
    taking them with a pinch of salt,
    or, if you wish, whiskey and malt.

    movies, politics, odd news too,
    limerickize them, oh please do,
    coz if one has been around long,
    a couple of funny lines, can relay the news in a song.


  2. Thank you Peppy, you are too cool! (I just can't over the coffee verse you've written:-)))