February 19, 2006

No chicken tonight

The news is out and her heart quickens
Finally she cries out, “What the dickens!
Out of the blue
We now have bird flu
And they expect me not to cook any chickens!”

The Statesman 18/02/06: The much-feared bird flu has reached India. Eight people showing the symptoms of being afflicted with its virus were today admitted to a Maharashtra hospital and 50,000 chickens reportedly died through a week in the state’s Nandurbar and Dhule districts. Bhopal’s Animal Disease Laboratory, where some poultry samples had been sent, confirmed that eight of them bore the H5N1 virus. Read about it here


  1. that is really scary, given india's emergency management agencies are not as capable as the local NGOs.

  2. But I am sure we shall trundle through, nevertheless ...must say that the government is various states have started taking action immediately...a large poultry economy is dependant on it i'd like to believe!

  3. you are right. there is hope. because of the industry that thrives on it.