February 5, 2006

It's not about his bike

They were due to be married in spring
But before he could decide on the ring
She cooed like a dove
"While we still share deep love,
Perhaps marriage isn't really our thing!"

So it ended before it could start
Armstrong and Sheryl Crowe will part
It seems she couldn't bear
To continue as a celebrity pair
And wants to be alone, nursing her heart!

Telegraph.co.uk 05/02/06: Lance Armstrong, the record-breaking cyclist, and the musician Sheryl Crow have announced that they are to part. The couple issued a joint statement confirming the split on Friday night, only five months after announcing their engagement. Read about it here


  1. Dammit girl!! Sheryl's single again..that's the best news ye posted..kidding. I am impressed with yer skillo...