February 21, 2006

In the line of fire

His life already has, and still could
Inspire some thrilling plots in Bollywood.
An ace-shooter, his skill
Lined encounters with kill
And the world said, “here’s one hell of a dude!”

One moment he was being praised,
Then next moment charges he faced.
It seems by stealth
He amassed great wealth
So the once super-cop's now disgraced.

He says of these games he is tired,
For superiors against him have conspired,
The plot daily thickens
Like bird flu and chickens
And gangs watch as in controversy he gets mired.

TOI 20/02/06: Mumbai - Daya Nayak, disgraced police officer and a one-time cult hero for his role in eliminating scores of underworld gang members, was arrested here Monday after being accused of amassing wealth by corrupt means. Get the story here

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  1. Anonymous10:51 PM

    Since you seem to be interested...you should also check this out...it's a comprehensive blog on the "other" side of the story The Truth About Daya Nayak .