December 6, 2005

The truth about torture

The law states that torture be banned
In the U.S., which is hallowed land
Thus came to prevail
The overseas jail
Over various locations they spanned.

Now co-operation is a two-way street
Ms. Rice responded with heat
By torturing these others
U.S. helped European brothers
In return, she expects they’ll be discreet.

We cannot be a Human Rights bearer
In this incessant war against terror
CIA uses means
And prisoners spill the beans
Tho' sometimes this may leave room for error.

Also, torture must be loosely defined
As some types are very refined
There is no violation
In gentle persuasion
It merely helps young army boys unwind!

Financial Times/Europe/6.12.05: Condoleezza Rice hit back at Europe yesterday amid allegations that the Central Intelligence Agency maintained secret jails in eastern Europe, arguing that co-operation with US intelligence required a hard look at how much information could be made public in the war on terror. Read the report here

#Update - Guardian Special Report 07/12/05: Rice admits US mistakes in war on terror after wave of criticism across Europe. Read the report here


  1. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Very well wriiten.

    It's good to see Europe standing up against the American's high time that people understood the political as well the personal gain...greed of the Bush Administration.

  2. One more to the list of the comedy
    of errors in its history;
    The Pigs'-Bay;[Bay of Pigs]
    And JFK;
    Maybe dissolution is the remedy...