December 1, 2005


I think his fans will feel shame
The way a thief just came
And dug out with a bar
Gregory Peck’s star
Out of the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

LOS ANGELES police are investigating the case of the missing Hollywood star. Read about it here


  1. If ever the thief were caught
    With regret would he be fraught
    Of Peck's recent demise
    Cause a lawyer young and wise
    Was he, whom the jury woulda bought

  2. Yes am quite sure that Mr. Atticus Finch
    Would have made the poor thief flinch
    But since he is no more
    The poor cops are sore
    Since they are suffering the heat of this pinch!

  3. Though ole Gregory is starless now
    And the thieves with loot have fled
    Won't they stand out with a star in tow
    Can they sell it, will it buy any bread
    Those are questions to ask, you know

  4. lol Madhavan, good question :-)