December 24, 2005

Poor Kangaroo

Maneka Gandhi got the secretariat’s goat
When she called the House a "kangaroo court"
She said, we must embark
On a corruption benchmark
Before punishing those people who win the vote!

DNA 24/12/05: NEW DELHI: Maneka Gandhi (BJP), Shailendra Kumar Mahato (JMM) and Ranjeeta Ranjan (Lok Janashakati Party) were the three most vocal against sting operations and the media during the debate on the motion to expel the 10 MPs in the Lok Sabha. But it was Maneka Gandhi's comparison of the House committee as "kangaroo court" which seems to have raised the hackles of the Lok Sabha secretariat. Get the story here

For those who are still unaware of Operation Duryodhan, you can get a quick recap here

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