December 16, 2005

An enigma solved?

Mona Lisa’s smile has been scanned
And the report revealed, (as I understand)
It was 83% happy
Only 2% snappy
Rest over disgust (9%) and fear (6%) spanned!

But tell me, in this emotional trampoline
What does ‘83% happy’ really mean?
Is it enough? Should it be more?
How should I interpret this score?
I wonder, while Mona looks on quietly serene!

It is really interesting to see how the same scores have led to different headlines. Check this out!

Forbes: Mona Lisa is smiling because she is happy

BBC News: Mona Lisa 'happy', computer finds.

M&C: Mona Lisa's smile analyzed: she was mostly happy

Hindustan Times: Mona Lisa is happy, disgusted and angry!

Independant, SA: Mona was not 100% happy

TOI: Mona Lisa: 83% smile, 17% scowl

Independant, UK: The sulk behind the smile of Mona Lisa



  1. Wonder what the ToI headlines would have looked liked :)

  2. Hmm let me add that in :-))

  3. very nice. some interesting additions to technique, i see.

    like the '(as i understand)' and the questions 'is it enough? should it be more?'...the 'i' asserting itself in the poem. it works.

    Think you should do more explorations with style...

  4. Thanks Madhavan, interesting suggestion. Yes I would love to explore!

    (though I do feel the structure requirements are a bit stringent in this form...but then it is the limerick structure which helps keep the news presentation crisp!...what say you? )

    Will look forward to more suggestions (and verses) from you :-)

  5. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Hark ye...all ye hear
    The scientist are here, near
    They’ll figure how the warmth of blanket stand
    By taking it apart, strand by each strand
    And then declare there's no heat in something threadbare!

  6. lol Avi, interesting viewpoint!