December 9, 2005

Bon appetit!

Now the Japanese can heartily partake
Any kind of succulent beef steak
Be it American or local
Their government is vocal
That in no way will their health be at stake!

Financial Times UK 09/12/05: Japan is ready to end a two-year-old ban on US beef imports as early as next week, following the recommendation by a scientific panel yesterday that meat from US cattle under 20 months old was safe. Get the story here


  1. One helps the other to feast and eat,
    The other helps the one fight in the street,
    But when all's said and done,
    Use a fork or gun,
    It's just a trade of fresh meat.

    (US sends beef to Japan, Japan sends it's soldiers to fight in Iraq)

  2. Gawker, this is smashing!